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We can start this short discourse on a positive note by conveying news which will help many a reader. People who have submitted photos with glasses can now change their respective photographs for their passports without paying the application fees again as per the latest rules. There are many other changes which you need to be informed about especially if you belong to one of the 49 million Americans whose passports are on the verge of expiry. The following part of the discussion would help you in understanding the changes in the latest updates of the federal law in relation to your passports.

  1. Renew your passports at the earliest: – The year 2007 saw a surge in the applications for passport as from that time onwards it was made clear that an American would require a passport to visit countries like Canada, Mexico and even the Caribbean. As such, you can well assume that there will be another surge in applications for passports as most of the people had opted for a 10 year passport at that point in time.
  2. Changes in REAL ID haven’t been good for all: – As the inmates of certain states have still not received their changed REAL ID, the one with a machine readable data-chip, the earlier ID will not make them eligible for a visit within the country as well. As such, this makes another reason for a surge in the passport applications throughout the country. This gives you another reason to go for your passport or renew it with immediate effect.
  3. New security features in the passport: – The new passport will have extended security features just like the new REAL ID. There will be a data chip which will contain all information regarding the holder of the passport. Then, the passport will be a lot lighter as well because instead of a 52 pages one the new passport will contain only 28 pages. It will contain more pages only if you require them.
  4. Beware of your child’s passport: – Whenever you are looking forward to act on your passport and you are planning to travel abroad with your family, the first and foremost thing that you require to do is to cross-check the passport of your child. You need to be aware of the fact that a child passport is valid only for 5 years. Apart from that they require a lot of additional paperwork like a proof of parent-child relationship and also a parental consent form. Thus, one must be careful regarding that.

As such, the latest revisions in the regulations mean that you not only need to be aware of the validity of your passport but also keep in mind that there is an upcoming surge in the applications in 2017. But, you needn’t worry regarding all these issues that much particularly if you are located at Orlando. The passport office Orlando, FL is omnipresent to help you in issues related to your passport. All you need to do is to contact that passport agency Orlando and relate your problem to them. They will in return forward the case to the Orlando Passport Office who will get your passport applied for and provided to you or even renewed within the due date as per your requirements.